Amazon Tricks

One of the ways you can make money with a podcast is to use affiliate marketing. This is where you signed up as an affiliate for a particular company/product and you are provided with a link that identifies that the traffic came from you. if someone buys using your link, you earn a commission. One of the largest affiliate programs is from and its called “Amazon Associates.” the great thing about this is Amazon sells everything.

Here are some additional tips you can check out.

Go to the Widget section and get a “search box” widget. Now you can tell your audience to go to your website and use the search box. Anything they search for and buy you earn a commission from.

Turn on the strip when you are in the affiliate section. This makes it super easy to link to a product when you find one.

Another great tool that makes adding Amazon Affiliate links to your website is called easyazon. This premium plugin makes it super easy. All you do is type in a search, and when it finds your product you select if you want to add a text link, image link, or information box (combination of both). It retails for $47, but if you go to leave the site they will give you $10 off. For more information and a demonstration video go to

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