My First Look At Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes First Impressions

When you buy a WordPress Theme or a Plugin, you want it to work but you also want some support if for some reason it doesn’t. Also the more a theme or plugin has new and innovative¬†features, the better their training needs to be to help you get the most out of these features. I purchased a plan on Thrive Themes this week to where I get access to all their plugins and themes for one yearly price to use on (up to ) 25 websites. So far I’m very impressed, and more importantly, I’m blown away at their tutorials on their own products, but they have a “University” which has a ton of topics on growing your email list, growing your company, etc.

You can purchase just a plugin or just a Thrive¬†Theme. I asked my Facebook community about them and heard nothing but praise. I’m just scratching the surface of the tools and I can see where this should seriously improve my ability to grow my list, and hence grow my customers

Color me impressed with the first impression. Here is a quick video giving you a sneak peak.

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